Welcome to Thalia's G Suite documentation.

Here you can find the specifics about how and when to use your Thalia G Suite account.

If you a have problem, please try to look for solutions online first. Google has very good documentation for all their services. If you have any questions that are not answered in Google's documentation and not on this site please contact the Technicie.


Every committee member, society member and board member has a personal G Suite account of Thalia.

Google DRIVE

Your G Suite account includes access to Google Drive. Every committee, society and board has their own Shared Drive.

Gmail and Groups

Your G Suite account includes a Gmail Inbox with a @members.thalia.nu email address.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar allows groups of member to easily share events.

All committees have been assigned their own shared calendar.

Google Sites

Google Sites gives users a simple way to create static websites.

All committees and societies can use this to create temporary sites.