G Suite Account

What is G Suite?

You might be wondering what this account is exactly. Google explains it like this: 'An integrated suite of secure, cloud-native collaboration and productivity apps'. We would explain it like: 'A Thalia-managed account that has access to certain Google-services'.

A G Suite account is very similar to a Google account, but connected to a specific organization. This means that G Suite accounts have access to all Google services (e.g. Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar). Thalia has a G Suite Education subscription.

Do I Have A G Suite account?

If you are a member of a committee, society or board you have a G Suite account.

You will have received an email with your login information. Your username is "<Thalia username>@members.thalia.nu".

Blegh, I don't want this new account.

No problem, you do not have to use it if you do not want to. You will, however, miss out on all the features G Suite has to offer (including sending mail and your committee/society file files on Google Drive).

Enabled services

Your account currently (October 2019) grants you access to Gmail, Drive, Sites, Groups and Calendar.

What happens if I am not an active member anymore?

When you are not a member of committee, society or board anymore your account will be suspended immediately. On the first day of every month, all suspended accounts will be deleted. Your Gmail inbox, Google Drive contents, Calendars and other connected services will be completely wiped. This excludes any shared calendars if these have other owners and Shared Drives contents.

Recovery and reset

All G Suite accounts of members are connected to the domain members.thalia.nu. You can setup a recovery email address outside this domain for your account together with a phone number that can be used for 2-step verification. If you are still somehow locked out of your account you can always contact the Technicie.