GOogle Drive

Do I have a personal Google Drive space?

Yes, every G Suite user gets 30GB of Google Drive space. You have full access to all features of Google Drive.

Does my Committee/Society/Board have Google Drive space?

Yes, every committee, society and board gets their own Shared Drive. Shared Drives are drives in Google Drive that are owned by a group instead of a single user. If someone leaves the group, the files that they added/edited will not be affected. Shared Drives have unlimited storage.

Please ask the Technicie to create a Shared Drive for your committee/society/board.

I would like to change the name/Header image/Something else of my shared drive?

Please ask the Technicie.

What about Nextcloud?

Nextcloud will no longer be supported and and will be online until February 3rd. Please move all your personal, committee, society and board files from Nextcloud to the proper Google Drive location before that date.