Gmail and Groups

What is my Thalia G Suite email address?

<Thalia username>

On which email address will I receive Thalia mail?

If you have a G Suite account you will receive all Thalia email on both your personal email address (the one you set on the Thalia website) and your G Suite email address. If you do not want to receive the emails on your personal email address anymore, you can disable this on your Thalia website profile page.

If you want to receive specific emails on your G Suite address (e.g. your committee mails on the G Suite account and the general member mails to your personal account), you should set up forwarding filters.

Can I use my '<Thalia Username>' to send Email?

Yes, you can use this email address for communication. Keep in mind that this address will be suspended if you're not an active member of Thalia anymore. So we advise you to not use it for non-Thalia related conversations.

How do I send email as '<committee/Society>'?

You can use your Thalia G Suite account to send email from (for example) the address assigned to the committees and societies you are a member of. You can find the documentation on how to add such an alias to your Gmail setup here. You should keep the 'Treat as an alias' checkbox enabled. Note that to send valid emails from an email address on the domain you need to use your Thalia G Suite account. If you use a regular Gmail account your emails may end up in the spambox of the receiver.

Once the alias is setup you can select it to send emails. Note that if you want to use the address from an external (so non-Gmail) client using SMTP you still need to add the address in the Gmail web interface before the email will be properly sent from the intended address. If not setup properly the receiver will see <name> instead of <committee>

What is a group and how do I use them?

We mix the terms 'group' and 'mailinglist' since they are essentially the same thing: one email address that forwards all the received messages to its members. Every '@thalia' email address is essentially a group with your G Suite or personal account as a member.

Some groups may be moderated and require a manager to approve messages that are sent to all the group members. An example of such a group is the one that you can use to communicate to all Thalia members. This is managed by the secretary.

Every group is archived so that every new member can also see the previous messages sent to the group. This is especially useful for committees. The archives are available via when you are logged-in with the account that is a member of a group. At the time of writing (Oct 2019) this means that only members with a personal Google-account can access these archives. This will possibly change in the future.

I want to use my own mail client to receive and/oR send mail

Please refer to your mail client's documentation on how to setup a Gmail account. Please note that you will still need to setup the committee/society email addresses as "send as" email addresses in your Gmail settings.

Note that some email clients will not work correctly with Google's OAuth authentication. This means you have to enable "less secure apps" for your account, this can be done on this page. If you want to use IMAP/POP or SMTP you have to enable this setting, or set an "app password".